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Object name: Pickering's Triangular Wisp   Optics:   TEC 180 FL with original flattener
  Objekt type: Supernova remnant   Focal lenght:   1260 mm
  Constellation: Cygnus   Camera:   FLI ML 16803-65
  Location / Date: Remseck / September 2012   Exposure:   19 x 1200 sec Ha / 15 x 1200 sec OIII / 14 x 1200 sec SII / 1 x 300 sec RGB
  Distance: approx. 1470 ly   Filters:   Astrodon 3 nm narrowband and L-RGB filters
  Apparent dimensions: -   Mount:   10micron GM2000 HPS
  Real dimensions: -   Autoguiding:   Off-Axis Guider - SX Lodestar
  Brightness: approx. 7mag   Software:   MaxIm DL / Registar / Photoshop CS5 / PixInsight
  Position (R.A. / DEC): 20h 50' 13" / +31°42' 37" (image center)   Image processing:   Tone mapping according to real colors


The Cirrus Nebula, also known as Veil Nebula, is a supernova remnant which consists of several objects.
"Pickering's Triangular Wisp" is located between the eastern and western parts of the Veil nebula.
NGC 6974 and NGC 6979 are luminous knots in the upper left.

The colors are mapped to real colors:

light-red = H-alpha
dark-red = SII
cyan = OIII

real colored stars overlay